How To Style Spanx Leggings

I have been living in my Spanx leggings recently. It’s the only thing that I really want to put on right now. I hate to say this, but I really can’t even stand the thought of putting on jeans. I know that some of you out there are a little skeptical, like I was, about these leggings. I mean they are almost $100 for one pair! It took me a while to pull the trigger on buying my first pair, but once I did I knew why so many bloggers were talking about them. They are comfortable, suck you in and make your bum look amazing!

I loved them so much I got them 2 other colors and styles when they were on sale for Black Friday. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my recent favorite ways to style my Spanx leggings.

Keep scrolling to see all the looks I’ve put together as of late…

xo, Nataly

My favorite way to style my Spanx leggings is with an oversized sweater or top. And you’ll most definitely be comfortable all day.

Spanx can easily be styled for a hike too! I wore mine while we were in Arkansas last year. They were super comfortable during the whole hike too! Also, no need to worry about pulling them up, like some other leggings. They stay put once you put them on.

Spanx can be dressed up as well. These croc embossed Spanx are my newest addition. I love styling them for more fancier occasions, and by fancy, I mean going to pick up take-out on Saturday night fancy.

Running errands in Spanx has become what I do now! They are just so easy to throw on and run out of the house. Plus, you look pulled together without putting much effort into your outfit. I might have even repeated this look a couple of times this week!

Here’s another dressed up look these croc embossed Spanx. Trust me when I say you will get compliments on these babies. They are such a fun twist on the original leggings.


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