Travel Guide: Fall Foliage in Eureka Springs, AR

Two weeks ago, I took a trip with my girls back to Eureka Springs. You’ll remember that I was just there in August with Brian. My friends and I decided we wanted to take a fall trip to see the foliage and we wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t too far from Dallas. Eureka Springs was a great option since it’s not that far (about 6.5 hours from Dallas) and the colors were said to be beautiful.

From left to right: Megan (@thebelleofthebudget) / Jac (@teachingandlaundry) / Vivian (@achanceofcharm) / Lauryn (@laurynlately)

Eureka Springs did not disappoint when it came to fall leaves and we definitely picked the right time to visit. I suggest that if you are trying to take the same trip to schedule it around the middle of October to the first week in November. We were able to experience some beautiful colors while we were there. The weather was nice and mild too!

This time around we stayed in an Air BnB in town. It was a quaint spot within walking distance of downtown and a bunch of shops. We did walk into town one of the days we were there. However, beware of all the steep hills and winding roads in town. It turned our walking to breakfast and back into a workout. ?

I highly, highly suggest that you make reservations in advance of visiting. We had some trouble finding spots to eat because they were so busy. There seemed to be a lot of people visiting at the same time we were. My favorite places that we tried were, Mud Street Cafe, Eureka Springs Brewery, Crescent Hotel for drinks and Flavor Land Cafe. Side Note: DO NOT VISIT THE GROTTO WOOD FIRED GRILLL, let’s just say we didn’t have a good experience and the staff were very rude to us. The waiter even made some questionable comments to us…overall do not go there unless the management has changed.

To get us out there Andrew, from Trophy Nissan lent us a brand new Nissan Pathfinder. It was the perfect SUV to get us up there. It was a struggle trying to fit the massive amount of luggage we all brought, but let me tell you, it all fit!! ?? It was a nice ride and definitely helped with those winding roads I mentioned earlier.

To see more photos of the SUV, along with a more detailed review check out this post here.

Thanks so much for reading! We had a blast and I think this would be such a fun trip with your friends or even significant other.

xo, Nataly

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