Lounge Wear Favorites

I officially started working from home today. It’s going to be an adjustment, for me. I am so used to my early morning routine when I was commuting, that I need to find my groove now that I am home. Which I am sure I’ll find soon, once I get the hang of my new normal.

But, since being home I’ve been living in cozy, lounge pieces. I haven’t dressed up or even worn jeans in 3 weeks now. I am sure we are all in the same boat, so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you all.


12 thoughts on “Lounge Wear Favorites

  1. I have always, always been a “wear jeans at home” kinda girl. Don’t ask me why. I just have. But for some reason, even though I’ve worked from home for nearly 5 years, the past few weeks I’ve only wanted an elastic waistband ahha! I love your cute loungewear picks. I need to elevate my pieces something fierce!

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