Valentine’s Day Favorites

Today, we are chatting all things Valentine’s Day. I wanted to share some of my favorite date ideas, gifts and outfit inspiration. There is something for everyone in this post!

Thank you so much for reading! xo, Nataly


Dinner at Home – This is our usual plan for the holiday and I love it. It has now become our tradition for a couple of years now. I think we’ve gone out once on Valentine’s Day and that was our first year together. We typically both help in the kitchen to make it more fun!

Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant – I personally don’t love going out on Valentine’s Day, so if we do end up going out I pick the weekend before or after Valentine’s…to beat the crowds. I honestly think we’ve only ever been out on actual Valentine’s Day once.

Movie Date – The movies are always a good option. I personally love Alamo Drafthouse, because you can eat and watch a movie! Staying in and watching Netflix is a great idea too, because then you can cuddle!

Picnic in the Park – I love this idea! Pack some snacks, wine, a blanket and you are all set. Plus, this option won’t cost you that much.


I always tell B to not go over board for Valentine’s Day. I am more of a flowers, nice dinner kind of gal, but if your significant other is the opposite you are in luck. I am going to share some affordable options to pick up for her this year.

Jewelry – A necklace, ring or bracelet are always a safe go-to when shopping for your significant other. My favorite spot to grab these items is Aurate New York. All their pieces are 14k gold. The price point is also super affordable too! I am talking under $100 for a fine jewelry piece!

Flowers & Candy – I love Valentine’s Day themed candy and always love getting it every year. Flowers are always a good idea too! I’ve loved in years the past when B has either brought flowers to my office or had them sent.

Key Ring – I know you are probably thinking….”Nataly, have you lost your mind, a key ring??”. However, I love this idea. Do you ever leave the house without your keys? The answer is no, and what a better way to remind your significant other that you love them, then with a sweet key ring. My personal favorite right now, is this one from James Avery. B has a special one that my Aunt gave him a couple years back and he always mentions how much he cherishes it.

His & Hers Shoes – I recently discovered the brand Vionic Shoes and I thought I’d include them as a gift idea here too! B and I were kindly gifted shoes from them and fell in love. We both agreed that this would be a wonderful gift for your significant other. I specifically love the men’s shoes. B is rather hard to shop for and they have lots of styles that he fell in love with. Both pairs of shoes are super comfortable and I know I will be wearing them for years to come.


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16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Favorites

  1. Love your date ideas! It’s always nice to do something different every year on Valentine’s Day depending on what couples are in the mood for. I like the idea of going out on a romantic dinner/movies and for another year have a nice quiet evening. You look super cute in your outfits! ❤️

  2. OMG the idea of his and hers shoes is so cute. My hubs is such a sneakerhead so I’d love to get him a new pair and maybe some for myself as well. These are great gift and date ideas!

  3. A lot of great ideas! My husband and I rarely go out, and I don’t think we ever have for Valentine’s Day! I just like staying in with food and watching movies…that’s my ideal night!

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