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If you want to see more of our stay, I have a highlight saved on my Instagram called ‘getaway’.

During the holiday break Brian and I got the chance to stay at Getaway House. If you haven’t heard of Getaway House before, it is a cute little cabin getaway from Dallas. It is about an hour drive from Dallas to LaRue, Texas. This cabin experience is designed to help you escape from the daily grind of your life and the busyness of the city.

I was excited, to say the least, when Getaway House reached out to me. I have always wanted to stay in a tiny cabin with Brian. Honestly, Brian and I have been seriously talking about either building our own or buying a tiny house for a while now.

The Getaway House has everything you might need including a queen sized bed, fridge, sink, shower, indoor bathroom, radio and more. They also have several food items for purchase, as well as logs to make a fire outside. There is no WiFi or TV at the cabin, so it is truly an escape from all technology. We brought, games, food, a mini speaker for Pandora and ourselves for entertainment. There is a nice nature walk really close by the house as well.

When we arrived, we quickly unpacked, explored our cabin and the area surrounding it. I was super excited, as soon as we arrived. The cabin was too cute and I couldn’t wait to unpack. Be aware that the cabin is super small, so don’t be like me and bring 3 outfits for one night! There is also no closet or area to hang clothing, so keep that in mind when packing. Side note: I wanted to shoot a couple of outfits, so that is why I packed so much.

While, there is a stove-top in the cabin, we opted to use the fire pit with grill top to cook our food. Cue, the prime rib and corn on the cob. After, dinner we made some s’mores and played a couple of card games. It was the perfect little trip to really recharge and reconnect. And in my opinion much needed during the holidays.

Overall, I would totally go back and stay here again. And lucky you, I have a $25 coupon, NATALY25, if you are interested in staying in the Getaway House. They have cabins in many different states too! Check out all the details here.

18 thoughts on “Travel Guide: Getaway House

  1. We have a Getaway house about an hour and a half from where I live, and I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time. I’m not sure I’d go on a blogger trip, just because I would want to totally disconnect in an adorably cozy spot like that! They seem like such a creative chain of little escapes!

  2. this is too cute for words. I’ve seen so many people staying there, it has to be great! I’m always craving a calm, quiet getaway and this sounds perfect!

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