Favorite Netflix TV Shows

Netflix and chill is always a good idea. I have been watching so many good shows lately that I wanted to share them with you all. Most of these shows are new Netflix Originals, but some are old TV favorites. If you haven’t watched any of these, I highly recommend.

The types of shows I typically watch are drama, crime, a little bit of comedy or thrillers. I am not one for anything remotely scary. Side note: I got 5 minutes into Bird Box and gave up…that movie was too scary for me!

All of these TV shows would be perfect to watch with your girlfriends or significant other. Keep scrolling to see all the TV shows I am loving and the details on this look too!

Thank you for reading. xo, Nataly

Favorite Netflix TV Shows:

  1. Sex Education: This was a recommendation from a friend at work. It is about a high school 16 yr old, who’s mom is a sex therapist. Him and his friends decide to try their hand at sex therapy for the other kids at school. It is really funny and light hearted.
  2. You: I have to say this show is a little creepy. It is about a man who owns a bookstore and he becomes obsessed with a young girl that he meets. He literally stops at nothing to have her in his life and then eventually as a girl friend. If you like thrillers this show is for you.
  3. Gossip Girl: GG is an all time favorite. I can watch this show over and over again! If you haven’t watch it you have to! It’s just too good. #chuckandblair
  4. Friends: I mean you can’t have a favorites list without Friends. I could watch this one non-stop and not get tired of it.
  5. The Office: I can watch this show over and over and still laugh. It is one of my favorite comedies. Brian and I usually watch this together. It is one of his favorites too.
  6. Insatiable: I just started this show and am in the middle of finishing it right now. It is about a young girl (Patty), who was overweight for years and was subsequently bullied by her classmates. Well, now she is thin and out for revenge for all those people that made her feel bad about herself. I am loving it so far.
  7. Russian Doll: I watched this show in ONE night! The episodes are only 30 minutes, so it makes it easy to watch all in one night. It was a little hard to follow, but I can’t wait for another season to see how it unfolds.
  8. Orange is the New Black: This show is based off the memoir written by Piper Kerman who spent a year in a minimum security prison. This show is funny, sad, scary and everything in between. So far there are 6 seasons out on Netflix.
  9. Bates Motel: This is another creepy show. It is about a son and mother who move to White Pine Bay to open up a motel together to start over. Their relationship is oddly intense and close. It is definitely a thrilling show that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next.
  10. Altered Carbon: This show is set 300 years in the future where consciousness is digitized and stored. A prisoner returns to life in a new body and must solve a murder to win his freedom. This series was really good and in my opinion a lot better than the critics said it was. I hope there they make another season!
  11. The Fall: My aunt recommended this show to me because I like crime dramas. This was so good and definitely at the top of my list for favorite shows.
  12. The Killing: Another recommendation from my aunt. This show is also (surprise, surprise) a crime drama. I didn’t want this show to end and was sad to know that it’s over for good. 🙁
  13. Safe: I started watching this because one of my favorite actors, Michael C. Hall, plays the lead roll. I haven’t seen him in anything in a while, so I was excited to watch this. He plays a British dad who just found out that his daughter went missing. It then follows him as he goes on a quest to find her. It is very suspenseful and keeps you guessing.

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19 thoughts on “Favorite Netflix TV Shows

  1. I have actually not seen most of these! My kids always own the TV in my house and I end up watching the Disney Channel everyday! But my all time fav is FRIENDS!!!

  2. These sounds like great shows to watch! I love watching Netflix especially Dynasty and Drop Dead Diva is so fun to watch! I will have to check these ones out!

  3. Haha, I’m always Netflix and chilling! I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls lately but I’m also delving into The Ted Bundy Tapes!

  4. I watched You and did not expect they ending they gave viewers. I started watching Sex Education but haven’t gotten far yet, it seems like a good one though.

    Xx, Nailil

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