Why you Need a Silk Pillow Case

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I’ll admit that it never crossed my mind to invest in a silk pillow case. Mainly because I found them to be expensive and didn’t know if the benefits were worth it. I am here to say that I have been converted! I now know why so many people love silk pillow cases. I have been sleeping on mine for 2 weeks now, so I feel like I can accurately give you all a review. And, I also, wanted to share some of the great benefits I have found since using a silk pillow case.

My particular pillow case is from MYK Silk and I couldn’t be happier. It is not only affordable, but is so soft and luxurious! This would be a great gift idea for her too! This pillow case is 100% silk making it the ultimate pillow case. They also have a wide variety of other silk products, including pillow cases, sleep masks, srunchies, sheets and much more! They are you one-stop-shop for all things silk.

You can get 15% off you MYK Silk purchase with the code NATALY15 at checkout.


HAIR – I typically wake up and my hair is absolute, tangled mess. This pillow keeps your bedhead under control and helps with tangles/split ends!

SKIN – Silk pillow cases are known to have great skincare benefits. With a regular pillow case the cotton pulls, twists and tugs at the skin which results in sleep creases, major bedhead (in my case), and pre-mature stretching. Silk pillow cases are so gentle on the skin that you just glide across the pillow case.

COMFORT – I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first. I mean I didn’t think I needed a silk pillow case in my life until after I slept on it one night. I was hooked. It is so comfortable and I love the way it feels on my skin and hair. It also stays super cool which helps, because I am usually really hot during the night.

13 thoughts on “Why you Need a Silk Pillow Case

  1. My girlfriends were just telling me the other day that a silk pillowcase is key for protecting my hair at night. Definitely have to give this a try.

  2. I just received pillowcases from them as well and I’m OBSESSED. My husband and I love how silky smooth they are – and I’m a fan of how much more hydrated my skin and hair are!

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