My Road Trip Essentials

Brian and I are headed on a road trip to St. Louis at the end of this week and I want to share some of my essentials for our trip. We are going to celebrate my best friend get married. We have never traveled to St. Louis before, so I am pretty excited. St. Louis is about a 9 or 10 hour drive from us, so I like to bring items with me that will keep me busy or help me nap! Brian is the driver out of the two of us. Fun fact: I hate driving…I will do just about anything to have someone else drive. So, unless he really needs me to take the wheel I will be sitting back, relaxing, and serenading him with my horrible singing voice. LOL

While this isn’t our longest road trip we’ve taken it’s still a long drive. I actually prefer the long drives together. It gives us a chance to have fun singing our favorite 90s country songs and enjoy the amazing scenery. I am a pretty nervous flyer so I enjoy road trips more. When I was younger we used to take them a lot, so I find it more fun! We are actually taking another road trip at the end of December. We are heading back to Hilton Head Island, SC for New Years Eve. I am excited to go back to our honeymoon spot and celebrate New Years Eve in another state.

I will also be sharing a full Travel Guide of our trip to St. Louis once we return. If any of you have been before please share your recommendations of restaurants we should try or places we should visit.


This is #1 when traveling in the car! Brian and I really love listening to music when we drive together. We also enjoy singing along, so a good playlist is key for a happy drive. We change between the 90s country playlist on Pandora or our favorites playlist that we have curated with all our current favorite songs. If you have any good playlists that you would like to share. Leave them below.


I always travel with a neck pillow whether I am on a plane or not. I usually don’t take naps on shorter trips…but I like to bring this just in case I get sleepy.


Does anyone else get cold on road trips? My husband keeps it pretty cold in the car while we are driving, so I like to travel with either a small blanket or sweater to keep me warm. I will most likely be bringing this one along for the trip.


When browsing the internet or singing gets a little boring I like to read. Right now, I am reading the book of ACTS from our church.


I literally can’t leave the house without my chap stick. I have at least two with me at all times! I even have one designated for my desk at work. So, I this is definitely a must have for my road trip!


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  1. I LOVE road trips!! I actually prefer them to flying! haha this makes me want to get in the car and drive somewhere fun!

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