A Week in My Life

Blogging and having a full time job can be tough, but very rewarding. I wanted to share how I manage doing both on a daily basis and how I keep myself organized.

As I have said before, I work in administration in a hospital in Dallas. It is the polar opposite of my blogging hobby, which I love. I have been blogging for almost 3 years now (blog anniversary coming up in July) and feel like I have things down pretty well. If you are just starting out or have been doing this a while, you know that blogging isn’t set hours. You are constantly working on social media, writing posts, taking photos, pitching to brands and more. More recently, I have felt like I have gotten things down to a science.


1. Photos – I shoot photos at least once a week with Kasey or Brian, either on the weekends (fall/winter) or during the week (spring/summer). I also tend to take selfies or beauty shots during the week too, so I have a good variety for Instagram. This allows me to have enough content for the week ahead and start planning out posts. Usually, I set out of my clothes for my shoots as they come in the mail or I pick them up. That way, I have a good idea of how many outfits I will be shooting. I try to get as many looks as I can in one shoot. Which can range anywhere from 3-5 looks. The most I have done at once was 6 and I felt like that was way too much at one time.

2. Planning Posts – Once, the photos are done I edit them all and then plan out my content for the week. I base this on if I have any collaborations that week or any content that has a deadline. If not, then I plan them based on what I think will do best on each day. I write it all down in my planner, so that I know what posts I need to finalize for each day.

3. Writing Blog Posts – After all my photos are edited I start adding them to blog posts. I write all my blog posts at once for the week ahead. This makes it easier with my 9-5 job. That way I am not scrambling to write a post at 5am the day that it is supposed to go live.

4. Social Media – I try to share at least 2 photos a day on Instagram. Also, I plan them out ahead of time, so that I know what is going live each day. I use the app called Planoly to help plan my posts and see when the best time of day is to post based on engagement.

5. Pitching to Brands – This is harder for me. I am always intimidated to put myself out there and ask someone to work with me. But, it has worked out in my favor several times. I do my best to pitch to brands that I am interested in working with each week.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Black Turtleneck {similar here and here} || Striped Black Culottes {fit: one size // they are a little tight, but I think they fit like a small or medium} || Steve Madden Block Heeled Sandals || Henri Bendel Jet Setter Backpack 

25 thoughts on “A Week in My Life

  1. It’s always so fascinating to me to hear how other bloggers spend their days. Thanks for sharing an inside look at your life!

  2. Looks like you have your blogging schedule down pat! I do outfit shoots all on the weekend too (especially in the fall and winter when light is scarce!)

  3. I love how organized you are! It’s so hard to have a job and blog on the side! I don’t know how you do it so frequently!!

    1. Thank you girl! It is hard staying so on top of it all, but I actually really enjoy it! Keeps me busy.

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