Favorite Coffee & Lunch Spots

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite spots around Dallas to grab a cup of coffee or grab lunch. I have lived here, in Dallas, my whole life and have some go-to spots that we frequent when wanting a quick lunch or just a coffee break.

1. Kuby’s – I have been going to this little spot since I was a kid. It is one of my all time favorite places to grab a sandwich and Dr. Pepper.

2. Black Forest Cafe – My Aunt and I have been going here quite a while too. As soon as we walk in they know our order and bring our drinks right away. It is another great spot for authentic German food. I love their turkey sandwich and chips.

3. Houndstooth Coffee – This was the first place that Kasey and I met up for photos. The coffee is always good and it is the perfect spot to bring your laptop and do a little work.

4. Bird Bakery – This is a newer find for me. I stumbled in here after hearing great things about it from a friend of mine. They have coffee, lunch, and sweets. It is the cutest spot to grab lunch and an Instagram photo.

5. Royal Blue Grocery – This is right around the corner from Bird Bakery. Another great spot to grab a cup of coffee, tea or meet a friend. They also have a nice wine selection, as well as some grocery bits. This may sound odd, but check out the bathroom…it is bathroom goals for sure.

6. Oak Lawn Coffee – I frequent this coffee shop on weekdays because it is on my way to work. They have great coffee and breakfast options. I love their iced chai tea latte.

7. Celebrity Bakery – This was always my sister’s favorite place to go when we would go out together. They have great options for lunch as well as a ton of sweets. Their sugar cookies have always been a favorite of mine.

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  1. Oooh I need to do something like this for my city. There are so many great little spots that I want to share! Now I’m wanting to come visit you because Bird Bakery especially sounds adorable!

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