Lululemon Run Times Short

7:28:00 AM

Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite shorts, from Lululemon, for running, walking, errands and everything else that life throws our way. I have several different pairs that I have collected over the years. The best thing about these shorts is that the waistband doesn't cut into your skin. I have tried many shorts over the years and they all seemed to be just a little too short or uncomfortable. These shorts are anything but that. They are comfortable, easy to throw on, and won't get ruined after many washes. My oldest pair is about 5 years old and they still look brand new. While, they are a little on the pricey side I think they are worth it in the long run.

You all may know that I don't work out every day of the week. I usually do about 2 Pilates classes a week and mix in a walk here and there. Walking isn't anything revolutionary, but it honestly has done my body some good. I am NOT a runner! I feel breathless just thinking about running! Since, we happen to live close to a trail it is easy to go home after work, change into my work out clothes and head back out the door for a walk. I don't walk a crazy distance, but a couple of miles helps me clear my head from the hectic work day. My husband will join me on the weekends and we will walk to Starbucks for a coffee (talk about motivation).

What is your favorite workout right now?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Lululemon Run Times Shorts {These are true to size; I am wearing a size 6} || Bullzerk 'I am Freaking Dallas' Tank {My husband picked this up for me last weekend. I think it is hilarious} || Lululemon 'Free to Be Wild' Bra || Nike Lunarglide Running Shoes || Fit Bit Charge HR || Be Bona Fide 'Be Present' Bracelet


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