Bra-Blems + Third Love

7:34:00 AM

Good Morning! I am sharing a special post related to common 'bra-blems' that us girls face. Bra's can definitely be your best friend or your worst enemy. Mine is the first thing to go when walking through the door to my house. Ultimately, a good fitting bra, all comes down to the right cup and band size.

I was recently urged by ThirdLove to share some of the most common bra-blems along with their solutions (see diagram below). ThirdLove is a company that specializes in comfortable bras. A bra is a special kind of relationship that you don't want to to go wrong. But, great news is ThirdLove has created "patented technology that let's you find your perfect size at home, no awkward measuring or dressing room moments required. It's as simple as an iPhone app, and it's empowered thousands of women to become better bra shoppers." If that doesn't make you want to jump up and try out their service I don't know what will. There are a ton of great reviews on the site too. The one thing that sold me on wanting to do this post is that they claim that "when you do find the time to relax this is the bra you won't want to take off." I don't know about you, but that sounds amazing!

ThirdLove has kindly given me a special code for 15% off all orders for my readers! Just use the code BRABLEMS at checkout to receive your discount.

Thank you for reading, xo.

P.S. I updated my #nsale section on the side bar to include my beauty picks!

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