Top 5 Apps for Bloggers

7:22:00 AM

Good Morning! Like most bloggers these days I do a lot of my work on my phone. I can't be on my computer all the time during the days. So, my phone comes in handy when I need to make the most of my productivity or manage my social media. Today, I am going to share some of my favorites! 

 I think I have found some good apps that will help you when starting out. Some of these were recommendations from other bloggers and some were just apps that I happened to find. I do love Instagram, Snapchat (natalyk10), Pinterest and Twitter, but I will be focusing more on apps that will help you with productivity and managing your social media. 

Thank you for stopping by, xo.

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1. PLANOGRAM- I was introduced to this app by Ashley from The Teacher Diva when I attended her event the a couple of weeks ago. This has honestly changed my whole Instagram. It allows you to schedule your posts. All you have to do is upload your photo, add a description and choose an upload time. This is perfect for those of you who struggle with trying to remember to post everyday. 

2. BLOGGER APP- This app is great for doing some editing and responding to comments on the go. I typically use this one a lot more when I am out of town and don't have a whole lot of access to my laptop. It also comes in handy when you realized you made a typo or need to fix a link.

3. GOOGLE ANAYLTICS- Trust me I wasn't looking at my analytics until a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't even familiar with how to look at them or even use them. This app has also been a huge help when figuring out your target audience. It gives you a snapshot of what is happening on your blog at any given moment. It also helps when figuring out when and how many times to post. It is simple to understand and has helped me a lot in the last couple of weeks to figure out what my audience enjoys to read. There are several analytics apps out there, but this one is by far the best. 

4. SHOPSTYLE- I mainly blog about fashion, beauty and accessories, so this app comes in handy when linking products. I can easily search for what I am looking for, create a board, and post it to Instagram, Pinterest or my blog. I use it most often when posting fashion photos. It allows your followers to like your Instagram photo and get an email with the exact outfit details. I think this app is key for of you who are fashion or beauty bloggers.

5. EVERNOTE- This will be your best friend when it comes to brainstorming and your personal assistant. It is a great place to jot down ideas or snap photos of inspiration when you see something that triggers a blog post idea. You can also use this app to create to-do lists that will sync will all your devices.  

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