Favorite Restaurants in Dallas & Ft. Worth

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Today, I am sharing some of my favorite restaurants in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Whether you are visiting Dallas for the first time or live here you should defiantly try some of these. My hubby and I enjoy trying new restaurants, so if you have any suggestions please leave me a comment below.

Thank you for reading, xo.

  • Louie's- Hands down Louie's is my favorite place for a beer, pizza and pie. They were featured on Diner, Drive-ins and Dives a couple of years ago. It is a great place to grab some dinner and go. It isn't a fancy restaurant at all. It is really a dive bar, but I like the atmosphere and the food is even better. I have tried many things on the menu and none of them have disappointed me or my husband. If you go to Louie's I highly recommend you try the Coconut Chess Pie, it is out of this world amazing! Louie's mother hand makes the pies each morning. What isn't to love about that?
  • Cafe Pacific- This is one of my families favorite places to go. We usually go here for more fancier occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. It is located in Highland Park Village, and the food is great. I love the fish and the lobster roll sandwich is to die for. Plus, they make this amazing Pecan Ball, which is vanilla ice cream, pecans and fudge sauce. It tastes as amazing as it sounds! 
  • Local Foods Kitchen- I can't write this post without bragging on my aunt's restaurant. She opened it a couple of months ago and the lines have been out the door ever since. I might be a little biased, but the food here is amazing. Whether you are looking for a to-go meal or want to sit down and eat this place has everything you need. The menu changes monthly, and all the food is hand picked from local farmers. It is located in the Ft. Worth area near the TCU campus. I highly recommend trying this place out if you are located in or near Ft. Worth. You won't be disappointed. 
  • Hop Doddy- I am not a huge fan of burgers, mainly because they don't agree with me, so I stick to turkey or chicken. But, Hop Doddy has the best burgers, in my husband's opinion. And let's not forget about the milk shakes! They have a wide variety to chose from, and you can't eat here without having one. I always get the turkey burger and my husband gets the lamb burger.
  • Kenny's Wood Fired Grill- This one is a favorite of mine not only for the food, but for the memories. My husband took me here on one of our first dates. This also was where I started to realize my love for all things food. #foodie. The 'adult mac & cheese' is no joke. 
  • Pecan Lodge- My mom introduced me to this restaurant back when the were located in the Dallas Farmers Market. I wasn't expecting much at first, but was really surprised about the quality and taste of the food. If you are looking for a good BBQ joint this one is great! My favorite menu item is the pulled pork sandwich. They are now located in Deep Ellum on Pyror and Main. 
  • Hibiscus- My husband and I go here pretty much every year around our birthdays. It is one of our favorites! The food is amazing! My husband always talks about the pork chop that he had last time we went there. The sea scallops are my personal favorite.
  • Neighborhood Services- My aunt and uncle introduced us to Neighborhood Services. They now have a couple of different locations around Dallas. Each location serves a different menu. They are all wonderful and I highly recommend checking this place out. Supposedly, the Bushes love this place too! You might spot George W. at the location on Preston and Royal. 
  • Ten50 BBQ- You can't just have 1 BBQ place on this list. I had to add another one. This place is a newer BBQ joint here in the Dallas area. It is wonderful! They serve the BBQ on a pit and you pick out what you want before entering the actual restaurant. My favorite items on the menu are the smoked chicken, brisket, and mac & cheese. 

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