Morning Beauty Hacks

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Morning After Hacks

After a long night there is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and not feeling like you slept well or don't feel good. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty hacks on mornings where it is a little harder to get out of bed.  A good nights sleep is always key, but if you can't get to bed early these beauty hacks will help you feel a little better about facing the world the next morning. 

Skip the long skincare and makeup routine. Wash your face with a refreshing face wash that will help wake up the skin and make you look a little less tired. Leave the makeup to a minimum. The last thing I want to do on a morning where I am really tired is put on a full face of makeup. Stick to the basics with a little tinted moisturizer, some concealer to cover any dark circles and some mascara to wake up tired eyes. 

Along the same lines as above trying to wash and dry your hair after a long night is no fun. Sweep your locks up into a messy bun. It is an easy way to look more pulled together without much effort. 

Next, pick an effortless easy outfit that will look good for brunch or just hanging out with friends. No need to go over the top. 

Finally, after a long night out you will need to eat some good food and rehydrate. My favorite brunch spots in Dallas are Parigi and La Duni

For more hangover hacks check out this post from Casper, that provides more remedies like a good nights sleep on one of their mattresses

Thank you for reading, xo. Happy Friday!

This post was a part of Casper's Hangover Cures project. All thoughts and opinions expressed are genuinely my own. 

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