I Love Neutrals!

9:55:00 AM

I LOVE NEUTRALS!...there I said it! I can't ever have too many grey, black or taupe sweaters. They pair well with anything and everything...jeans, leggings, skirts, etc. It is a simple way to look pulled together and elegant. Plus, you can add pops of color with each outfit pairing. Add a fun bright clutch, shoes or necklace. 

Neutrals are often thought of as boring, but there are so many ways to pair neutrals with your wardrobe it's almost criminal not to own lots of them. They build the basis of any women's closet, not just a fashionista. The color might look boring, but you can't ignore the versatility. Take this sweater for example....pair it with these pants and these shoes for a fun casual look.

I also love neutrals for makeup as well. I don't really like to step out of my comfort zone with eye shadows and lip sticks. Neutral eyes are always chic.

Favorite Neutrals


What are your thoughts? Do you love neutrals or do you like bolder colors?

Thank you for reading, xo. 

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