What's in my Work Bag?

7:16:00 AM

What's in my Work Bag?
Today, I wanted to share what I carry in my day to day work bag (the bag above is actually sold out, but I've linked another one that I like just as much). I like to carry a bigger bag to work because I tend to carry my lunch bag and huge water bottle with me too! This bag is from Target and I really like it. It is big enough to hold all of my items, plus a little more.

I always carry a mini makeup bag full of lip products, a hair brush, hair ties, feminine products and my trusty nail clippers (I can't leave home without them). This way if I am every in a bind at work I will have what I need. I have several sets of keys too, so this Louis Vuitton key holder is perfect for all my keys.

Do you carry a lot to/from work? If so, what is your favorite kind of bag to tote all your goodies around in?

Thank you for reading, xo.  

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