Office Inspiration

7:19:00 AM

Office Inspiration

As some of you might know Brian and I have been looking for a bigger home for a while now with not a whole lot of luck. We decided that we would take a break for a little while. It can be a stressful process and maybe this is a sign that we aren't supposed to find a bigger place right now. I'm totally fine with it to be honest because I really do like where we live right now. We are right in the center of everything and I only have a 15 minute drive to work everyday. Which will change when we get a bigger place. So, while it really stinks that we haven't found our dream home, I am fine with where we are right now. 

With all that being said...once we do get a bigger place I am hoping to have my own space for my office. Above is a little inspiration I wanted to share. I love creating these little "mood" or "idea" boards. It helps when decorating a new space or even just for fun. 

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday, xo. 

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