November Favorites

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November Favorites

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am back with another favorites list for November. I can't believe how fast this month has gone by! It will be Christmas and then 2016 before we know it. It always blows my mind how fast time goes by since I have gotten older. Anyways, onto the main reason you are favorites list. 

1. ILY Poncho - I have been obsessed with ponchos this season. They are easy to throw on with anything and keep you really warm. Essentially it's like wearing an oversized blanket...which I am in no way opposed to! I love the print on this one. 

2. Garnier Micellar Water - I have been a fan of the Simple Micellar water for a while now, but wanted to try something new. I spotted this while at the drugstore this month and thought I would give it a go. It removes my makeup really well and is great for my sensitive skin. I always follow up with a cleanser to remove the rest of my makeup. I have really been enjoying this product. I recommend it if you are looking to try a new makeup remover. 

3. Kiehl's Primer - I went into Kiehl's at the beginning of the month to pick up a few items that I needed (like this eye cream) and wound up leaving with this primer. I wasn't in the market for a new primer, but the sales associate talked me into it. I am really glad she did. It works really well at smoothing my skin and filling in my pores. 

4. Loreal La Lacque #205 - I am loving this color for fall/winter. It is the perfect color for my skin tone and isn't too dark. 

5. Urban Decay Smoked Palette - I picked this palette up at the beginning of the month and love it. I have loved all the eye shadow palettes from Urban Decay, so I wasn't surprised that I loved this one too. There are so many great colors in this palette to create both day time and night time looks. My favorite colors are ARMOR, DIRTYSWEET, and COMBUST. 

6. Forever 21 Over the Knee Boots - I talked about here how I was looking for a pair of Over the Knee Boots that wouldn't break the bank. Well, folks, I found them! They are under $50 dollars and great quality too. You never know what to expect from Forever 21 when ordering online, but I was pleasantly surprised. They are pretty comfortable too. Keep an eye out for an outfit post soon. 

7. Sleep Shirts - Lately, I have been loving wearing sleep shirts to bed and just to lounge around in. They have a great selection at Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret PINK has some fun Christmas themed ones too! 

8. Forever 21 Quilted Bag - This bag is a great dupe for the a lot more expensive Chanel bag. I love it because it looks similar and it carries exactly what I need. I use it for when we are going out or I need a smaller bag. 

9. Double Sided Scarf  - I love this scarf, well, let's be real, I love all plaid scarves. But, the fact that this one is double sided makes it 10 time better. I like that it gives a little more dimension to your outfit. 

10. Nordstrom Sunglasses - I picked up these sunglasses mainly because they were only $12, but they actually turned out to be really cute. I have a hard time finding larger size sunglasses without them making me look like a bug. Nordstrom Juniors department has a wonderful selection of sunglasses for great prices. 

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