Thanksgiving Day Looks

7:18:00 AM

Easy Thanksgiving Looks

Brian and I are headed out of town next week to visit my Mom in Colorado for Thanksgiving. I wanted to put together a little inspiration board for those of you who aren't sure what to wear this year. I chose two options, #1 for those of you who are wanting to be a little bit more pulled together and chic and #2 (the one I will most likely wear) for those of you who will be a colder climate, but still want to look cute. An oversized sweater is always my go to especially during this time of year. Plus, you want to keep it quite simple because most likely you will be eating lots of food. Mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey doesn't really scream "mini skirt" or "tight pants". Leggings or a comfortable pair of jeans are a good way to go. 

I have visited my Mom several times, but never during the winter. She lives in a small mountain town about an 2 hours from Pueblo, CO. Last time I spoke with her she said it was about to snow. I am not really one for cold weather, hence why I live in Texas! So, needless to say I will be bundled up tight the whole time. Honestly, there is nothing worse than being cold. I am contemplating whether or not I should bring my space heater! #coldpeopleproblems

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I would love to know. 

Thank you for reading, xo.


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