Home Gift Guide

10:02:00 AM

Home Gift Guide

Gifts for the home are a safe zone for the Holidays. No one will turn down a wonderful smelling candle or a good coffee table book. Plus, most people don't buy home gifts for themselves. These are great gifts for mothers, mother-in-laws, aunts or grandmothers. This cookbook would also be a great idea for those who love to be in the kitchen. 

I thought it would be a good idea to divide up the gifts into different sections of the home. You can intermix whichever gifts you like the best. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with gifts for the home. 

My favorites from this list are the pineapple jar, it would be perfect to hold flour or sugar in your kitchen. Plus, I love that they are gold...adds a little touch of glam to the kitchen. This coffee table book would be great for the woman who loves makeup and the art of makeup. Also, I would love to receive this clear makeup storage container! It is perfect to store your makeup it a neat way, but also allows you to see all your pretty makeup. 

Glad you stopped by, xo.


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