My Favorite Photo Editing Apps

7:25:00 AM

There are about a million editing apps for Instagram these days. I've tried a lot of them - paid for them too - and not a lot of them have really impressed me enough to stay on my phone. My editing needs are for light/color changes, brightening, saturating, and filtering, so here are a the apps that I use everyday when editing a photo for instagram:

* I edit all my photos the same way using the same filter, that way all my photos have a particular theme.

Afterlight- This is by far my favorite editing app and filtering app. If you like washed out, vintage looking filters this one is for you. Also, it allows you to brighten up darker photos. The filter I use for every photo is under guest>russ.

Facetune- I only use this app for one make the background of my photos more white or lighten up them up.

Layout- I just discovered this app not to long ago. It is one of my favorites because it is very easy to use. It allows you to collage, flip and mirror photos a variety of different ways. I mostly use this app to mirror my photos like this post.

You can see all these apps in action on my Instagram account @beautifullyelegantblog. What are some of your favorite app editing tools?

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