How to Stay Organized: My Planner

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I've always been someone who likes to write lists, goals and a schedule of events for each week. I remember having planners and diaries starting when I was about 11 or 12. In high school and college I would buy a new planner each year and decorate, write down all my assignments and homework that were due. It was one of my favorite parts of going to school. Everyone is different when it comes to how to stay organized and plan your week, but here is what works for me. 

Find a planner or notebook that works for your lifestyle. I prefer to use one that has larger sections, so that I can list out multiple items, since I have lots of tasks that I have to get done in any given week. I just recently purchased this Kate Spade Planner from Barnes & Nobel and so far I am loving it. The sections are big enough that I can write down all my tasks, goals, and to do items. Plus it has extra room to decorate! 

Map out your week based on projects or items that are due. I usually make a list, starting with the number 1 item that needs to get done that day, then I go from there. I work better when I list out everything that needs to be done for that certain day. I also include bills that are due, when I get paid and even little things like date night. I defiantly get a lot of enjoyment out of this process! 

Get fun and creative with your planner. Get some fun stickers, washi tape, pens and post-it notes. There is a whole world out there of planner addicts. The other night I got lost in a world of YouTube videos all about planners. There is defiantly a lot of fun things you can do to keep organized and have fun with your planner. My current favorite instagrams for inspiration are Scribble Prints Co. and The Glam Planner

I hope this helps you get a little better organized. I find that keeping a planner or even a notebook with lists of items that I need to accomplish helps me stay on task and get things done in a timely manner. 

How do you like to stay organized? Let me know in a comment below. 

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