Style Obession: Flares for Fall

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Lately, I have been seeing that flared jeans have come back and I have been obessing over them ever since. I haven't had a good pair of flared jeans probably since highschool or college. Skinny jeans have been a staple in my closet for a while now, simply because they are easy to style, and it's hard to style them wrong. If they are too long, just roll them up. Flares on the other hand are a little more tricky because you have to find the right length for you. Since, I am a bit shorter that can be a hard task. Plus, I am not even sure what to pair with them anymore. That is what sparked this blog post. I went on the search for great looking flares and how to style them. So, today, important tips when picking out a pair of flared jeans. 

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  1. Pick the right length- It's all about the hem when picking out the right pair of flared jeans. This can make or break your look. So, this means maybe making a trip to the tailor to get the right length. You want the flares to cover most of your shoes, but not drag the ground. If you aren't sure what length you want pick the shoes you are wanting to wear with them and take them to the store when trying on the flares. 
  2. Wear the right shoes- If you love wearing heels or wedges. Flares are for you! They were meant to be worn with higher heels to give the illusion that your legs go on and on. You don't absolutely have to wear heels...girls who love to wear flats can rock these too!
  3. Tops, layers & accessories- Picking the right top is also important when styling your flares. A good tip is to avoid boxy, oversized or longer tops when wearing flares. The photos above are some good ideas of what to wear with your flares. A good example is to pair a sweater or top and then layer a scarf, cardigan or long vest over the top. 

Flares Obsession

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