How to Distress Denim

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I have been loving distressed jeans and shorts for a while now, but have never wanted to really spend the money to buy them. Especially because they tend to be a little more expensive (which doesn't make sense). Anyway, I thought I could try my hand at distressing my jeans and shorts myself. I took an old pair that I didn't care if I ruined and went to town.

Here is a little inspiration for this DIY:

Distressed Denim Inspriation

What you will need:
  1. Pair of jeans or shorts
  2. Scissors 
  3. White Pencil or Light Eyeliner pencil 
  4. Tweezers
Step 1: Try on the jeans or shorts to mark where you want the distressing to be. If you aren't sure you can search online to get some inspiration for what you want your pair to look like.

Step 2: Cut straight horizantal slits over the area you have marked. The slits should be 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch from each other, which will make it easier to pull out the indigo threads.

Step 3: Use your finger to start to fraying the indigo threads so that you reveal the white horizontal threads. Then, use your tweezers to start pulling the indigo threads out (only in areas that you have cut). It is okay if you can't get out all the threads. They will come out when you wash them.

Step 4: Once you have cut several areas and have the look you desired, toss them in the washing machine. Make sure that you have selected to wash on COLD, not WARM or HOT. You don't have to machine wash them, but this will add further distressing.

Step 5: Pair them with a cute top and you are ready to go!

If you try this at home please share a photo with me on Instagram or Twitter!

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