Grilled Nachos for Gameday

7:26:00 AM

My husband and I love nachos! One evening we were desperate to have some, but didn't want to go out to dinner because it was in the middle of the Cowboy's game. So, my husband, being the creative man he is, decided to make homemade grilled nachos. These were the best nachos I have every had! I just had to share his recipe. They aren't the healthiest option, but they are defiantly really good!!

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  • Corn Chips (any kind will do, just make sure they are large enough to hold all the goodies)
  • Queso 
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Meat of choice (beef or chicken)
  • Refried beans 
  • Rotel 
  • Butter
  • 1 red onion
  • Cook can of beans, rotel, and two tablespoons of butter on stove top until heated through (add salt and pepper to taste)
  • Saute 1 red onion in olive oil
  • Heat the Grill - make sure charcoal has completely ashed over and is at high heat
  • Season the beef or chicken
  • Cook on grill until desired temperature; Cut beef or chicken into chunks, against the grain
  • Place chips onto non-stick grilling pan
  • Assemble beans, queso, meat, shredded cheese and saute onions 
  • Place onto hot grill, close lid and cook until cheese is melted
  • Bon Appetit!

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