FALL: Items that I am Loving

7:28:00 AM

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Fall Favorites that I am Loving

As fall is QUICKLY approaching, I am finding myself searching for new items to fill my closet. Above, are some of the things that I have been really wanting to add to my wardrobe. 

FLARE JEANS are making a huge come back and I couldn't be more excited (I used to wear these all the time in my high school days). Plus, jean a-line skirts are back, but in a more flattering way. No more small, tiny piece of fabric that barely covers your bum. Trust me, I wore these back in high school too and thought they were great! Not so much. 
I am loving TOP HANDLED BAGS for the fall too. BOOTIES are always a favorite of mine for the fall season. 

What are you looking to add to your closet for fall?
Thank you for reading! 

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