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This was our second time to visit Taos, NM. I love this little, funky mountain town. There are lots of things to do and the sceneary is breathtaking. We flew into Albuquerque and drove down to Taos, stopping in Santa Fe along the way. It is an easy drive, about 2 hours, and a lot less expensive to fly into Albuquerque. I was traveling with my aunt and my grandmother this time. My sister and her family met us in Taos for a long weekend. We enjoyed our time and I wanted to share a list of some fun things to do while visiting Taos.

We visited both times during August. The weather is warmer during the day, but cools off by night fall. It is a nice change from the Texas heat. I recommend going during this time unless you are wanting to ski while you visit.

When you visit Taos you feel like life moves a little slower. It is a tourist town filled with wonderful history, shops, galleries and beautiful scenery. It is the perfect like get-away for a family or couple. 

1. Hacienda Del Sol B&B Inn- We stayed here on our first visit to Taos three years ago and we still talk about how wonderful our stay was. It is an elevan room inn filled with original art and handcrafted antique furniture. They cook gourmet breakfast every morning, along with afternoon snacks. I would wake up extra early just to make sure I didn't miss the breakfast! They have kava fireplaces, jacuzzi tubs, steam shower rooms, and an outdoor hot tub for private use. The views of the mountains in the morning make this place one of America's top ten romantic inns. This particular inn does not have air conditioning. It wasn't a problem for us since they had a fan in the room and it was cool enough at night to leave the door open.
2. Casa Benavides- This B&B was beautiful. The rooms were comfortable and had air conditioning too (it's common to not have air conditioning in Taos). They also serve breakfast every morning and have high tea with snacks in the afternoon. It was wonderful. The food is all made to order and the pasteries are made fresh daily. I highly recommend this place to stay as well. There are plenty of B&B's in town, but this one is the best in my opinion. 

The view from the balcony. 

  1. Love Apple- This was one of the fancier restaurants in town. They focus more on local, organic home cooking. It is one of the best restaurants in Taos. 
  2. 5 Star Burger- I highly recommend this burger joint. It isn't fancy, but the food is excellent. I have had both a burger and other items on the menu, all were tasty! 
  3. Bent Tree Cafe- This spot is perfect for lunch. They have a bunch of sandwiches on the menu to choose from; we loved it so much we ate there twice. This cafe is located right on the plaza and is the perfect pit stop in between shopping. 
  4. Taos Pizza Outback- We tried this place on recommendation from our B&B and it didn't disappoint. The pizza was wonderful and the service was great. 
  5. Gorge Bar & Grille- We ate here on our last night all together and were pleasantly surprised. It is a Mexican food bar and grille. They had a lot of great items on the menu too! I think we all ate tacos this night. They were fabulous and not too expensive. 

  1.  Mable Luhan Dodge House Tour- We visited Mable's house the last time we were in Taos. My aunt actually forced me to go, but I am grateful she did. It is beautiful and full of history. I would recommend checking it out. 
  2. Taos Ski Valley- We drove up to the ski valley on our first day in Taos. It was beautiful! It takes about 30-45 minutes to drive up the mountain. Once, we got there we stopped to get out and look around. There were a couple of shops open along with some restarants. Since they were in the middle of renovating the area so, a lot of the normal shops were closed. However, on our way back down we stopped at a cute little town that has some shopping, galleries and food. It is a fun little afternoon trip! 
  3. Visit Santa Fe- We drove through Santa Fee both times we visited Taos. It is only about an hour from Taos. There are lots of shops, galleries and places to eat here too. I think it is defiantly a fun place to visit for the day. There is plenty to do in town. I would recommend visiting The Loretto Chapel to see the mysterious staircase. It is a site to see and a great story. 
  4.  Rio Grande Gorge Bridge- We visited the gorge bridge twice this visit. Once just to take pictures and the second time we hiked about a mile along the gorge. It is a beautiful sight to see. I highly recommend going to see it. Although, I do get a little vertigo when looking down over the bridge! The bridge is only a couple of miles out of town. 

   5. Shop & Stroll in the Plaza- Taos is full of shops, galleries and unique stores. We spent a whole day and a half just walking around and looking at all the stores. There are lots of galleries with beautiful artwork, pottery and all sorts of unique finds. There is really something for everyone. 

I hope this helps if you are planning to travel to Taos or now you are considering it. New Mexico is a beautiful place to visit! 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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